November 26 Online

Historically a single stream half-day event, this year’s IPN Conference was a full day of multi-stream content, designed to allow you to pic ‘n’ mix’ the sessions that are most appealing to you. We offered regular chunks of easily digestible content mixed in with some deep-dive peer-to-peer sessions so you could dip in and out as necessary whilst still getting value for money.

And we know that talking to your peers is often the most valuable part of any event, so the majority of our sessions involved heavy delegate engagement through roundtable and workshop style sessions, which are longer in form, but swifter in achieving practical insights.

Whether you’re looking to pivot to a hybrid events model, capitalise on digital subscription growth or maximise audience engagement across your content channels, our aim is to help spark new ideas, arm you with practical takeaways and work towards a more resilient future together.

Book your pass to watch the On-Demand Content now and join the UK’s independent publishing community for a collection of sessions that will provide a chance to put today into perspective as you crystallise your plans for tomorrow.