Reneé Doegar
Reneé Doegar
Marketing Director
London Review of Books

"Full disclosure: I love spreadsheets. I also love reading, eating cake, and seeing the success of commercial initiatives. My job is a perfect marriage of the things I love, and so I am exceptionally lucky to come to work each day as the Commercial Director for the London Review of Books, Bookshop and Cake Shop.

The LRB is Europe's largest literary magazine (ABC now over 75,000) and I have been instrumental in achieving a 42% subscription rise and more than 65% revenue growth from subs over my 8 years running the award-winning marketing team.

In Nov 2018, I launched our online e-commerce store ( which is now a reliable and steady revenue stream for the business. I was appointed the Commercial Director in April 2019, and now drive the commercial strategy of the LRB suite of businesses, maintaining the dignity of the brand and providing clear goals, testing methodology, operational implementation and reporting for our commercial activity."