Tom Kilroy
Tom Kilroy
Group Business Development Director
YM Group

Tom Kilroy is Group Business Development Director at the YM Group. With an impressively successful background in Mail, Logistics and E Commerce. Tom joined the Group in 2018 with a view to build and promote the individual expertise of the 5 different businesses into a seamless Group-wide proposition. Promoting synergies and aligning skills and expertise to foster a united approach and understanding across the various units. Bringing a wealth of experience, Tom is an award winning Director with a strong track record in developing mutually beneficial business propositions, innovations and engendering the spirit of creativity with his teams. Tom has a special interest in the evolution of the printing industry into being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Introducing YM Group’s Paper Wrap solution to the market as a sustainable alternative to Polywrap is a key focus for Tom, alongside clarifying misconceptions of the cost of change. Tom will expand more on this at the roundtable event.

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